Meditation: the art of being present

One of the essential ingredients to enter into inner peace and relaxation and to gain insight into ourselves, is the acceptance of whatever we find in ourselves, in other words, to learn to love ourselves no matter what.

Watching ourselves from within reveals the mechanisms that keep us trapped in the thinking box, with all the emotional and physical phenomena that go with it. In this process a door opens to our essential being, also sometimes called ‘light’, ‘peace’, ‘infinite love’, ‘the divine’. The experience of this limitless state of awareness provokes a profound sense of freedom and often sends us roaring with laughter once we recognize who we truly are.

A workshop consists of a combination of active meditations, silent sittings or walks and awareness exercises and can be offered for an afternoon, a day or more.

The workshop is suited for groups, companies, schools, colleges, organizations for care, hospitals and other companies. The content of the workshop will be customized to your specific questions and needs. Teaching is possible in Dutch, English, French and German.

See the agenda for workshops on offer. For information about a customized workshop click here.

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