Quantum Touch

Photo: Elles de Vries

Quantum Touch is a soft and effective method of healing developed by Richard Gordon, an American health practitioner.
Scientific research of the past decades shows us that all sentient beings and everything around us consist of energy and vibration.

Physical, emotional or other types of illnesses all have their own vibration,  usually a lower and unbalanced frequency. A person feeling healthy and joyful, vibrates at a high energy level.

By bringing myself in a state of resonance with a high frequency through love, breathing techniques, visualization and other methods, while at the same time touching you in a very soft manner on the painful spot or on the area that feels sick, the pain or illness starts to move and finally disintegrate, and the body comes back to balance and health, sometimes incredibly fast.

During these sessions you will get access to your own healing capacities and you will be given the tools to help yourself become healthy and stay healthy.


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