The Journey

Are you ready to be free? Do you wish to stop neglecting your body and yourself in whatever way you are doing it? Do you wish to discover your creative potential? Do you struggle with allergies, tiredness, depression, or another illness? Do you wish to find the cause of your complaints and heal them? Are you successful in everything and yet there is that nagging empty feeling inside?

The Journey is developed by Brandon Bays who healed from a tumor without having to go through an operation, radiation or chemo. From her deep wish to help other people heal themselves, this wonderful method was born.

The basis of the journey consists of:

– Making contact with the source of our being
– Accessing old stored emotions and releasing them
– Clearing old inhibiting beliefs and vows and if need be, replacing them by healthy, positive ones
– Forgiveness of those people – including ourselves – who were part of this old pain

The life force that is being released in you through this process, allows for healing to take place in a very spontaneous and effortless way.

Disclaimer: I cannot and am not allowed to guarantee that you will heal from illnesses. However, in my practice I have witnessed much healing taking place. I work together with regular doctors.

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