The Creative Voice

Every human being has a unique voice. Expressing yourself through singing, talking and making sounds is actually a very intimate happening: the vibration, height, color and volume of the voice show how we are connected to ourselves and therefore to others.

In this workshop we will explore the natural voice. Through sound and movement (inspired on the work of the Roy Hart Academy), listening, playing, partner exercises, group improvisations, songs and texts, your own improvisations and compositions, you discover the natural voice and a creative potential that is waiting to be uncovered. The workshops are suitable for professional singers, actors and speakers as well as for people who feel an aspiration to sing and speak in public and wish to explore their possibilities.

For companies and other organizations, working with the voice can promote teambuilding or help dissolve stagnation of the creative flow. Teaching with translation can happen in Dutch, English, German and French. Workshops last an afternoon, a day or longer, depending on your request.

For workshops on offer see the agenda. For information about a customized workshop click here.

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