About me

Born and raised in Utrecht, in a family with four kids, a father who was a professional musician and a mother who taught French and later in life pursued her ambitions as an artist, I knew from an early age that I wanted to taste life as a girl and woman in all of its facets and experience freedom and live in joy.

What it meant to be really free I discovered as I started to develop myself in a spiritual direction. Real freedom means to be free on the inside, to let go of old patterns and habits, to get access to an inner source of joy, available to all of us by the way. Living from that source gives color to everything else I do and dissolves any trace of separation again and again……

I always loved doing several things parallel to each other, the connecting element between these different things is: working and living from the heart.

When I was nineteen I trained to become a nurse, but after one year I discovered that hospitals are not for me, because there is too little room to really connect with people.
I developed myself in the direction of theatre, acting, dance (Theater Academy Maastricht) voice training and expression (via the Roy Hart Academy), psychic massage, meditation and mindfulness, Vipassana, several forms of therapeutic work like: emotional release, breath therapy, bioenergetics, counseling (Osho Multiversity India and US).

I have been trained and accredited as a Rebalancing Masseuse
as well as a Journey Therapist and received training in Reiki and Quantum
As a teacher of meditation l taught in several spiritual centres, the Amsterdam Theatre Academy, some Universities (a.o Brandeis University in Boston and University of Amsterdam), cultural centres and companies.

At the Academy For Massage and Movement in Amsterdam I have taught deep tissue massage and meditation for several years.

A practice that has inspired me since 2008 is called ‘shaking’, an ancient, timeless practice, and I find it to be incredibly transformative and supportive for many other processes of healing, awareness as well as for singing.

Singing is my greatest passion and I also love composing, writing prose and poetry, playing harmonium and piano.
Together with other musicians or by myself, I regularly offer concerts where people are invited to join in the singing and just open their hearts to what is here and now. Look at the agenda for concerts, workshops, and you will also find my CD and can listen to some of it.

Since 2011 I offer interactive musical workshops for small children in pre-schools and grammar schools.

From february 2012 until 2014 I have been teaching singing classes to children between the ages of 3 and 16 in Bali, Indonesia, about one or two months per year. Nowadays I teach individual kids in Bali on request.

From March 2012 I started to work as a freelance PGB home care practitioner for elderly people as well as for children who need extra care. When asked for I integrate my expertise as a (massage-) therapist and singer with the care I offer.

It is lovely to work with people from all ages!

In 2013/2014 I completed succesfully a study at the Royal Conservatorium in The Hague to teach children music in a dynamic, playful and effective way, called the Kodaly method.

For all sessions in my own practice I work with financial contributions that fit your income, so we decide together a price that you are able to pay yourself.

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