Production of the CD Royal Swan, progress

To create a Cd is an enormous project. This is my baby and I have put everything into it, which one does when you create babies 🙂 We are finishing the mixes, we that is: Pieter Smeenk and myself, then it goes to mastering and then to the printer. Little do people realize how much work and play and also money goes into the making of a CD. It is well worth the effort I can tell you and I feel that I can be very proud of the baby.

Once my costs are covered i will donate money of the income of the Cd to projects that I support in India and elsewhere. I love doing that, because I have such a good life here and love to share of my abundance with others.

Some people have asked me why I chose the name Royal Swan for the CD. Royal Swan is the name of Maharaji Hansraj, an enlightened master who lives in Laxmanjhula, Rishikesh. He is a wonderful being beyond desrciption and his name, HansRaj, royal swan, is really what he exudes. He is also the master of my spiritual teacher ShantiMayi. I do not see her often anymore, however she lives in my heart, I guess forever!


Have a great day!

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